Online Personal Training & Mobile Training in Nashville. We come to your location!  

-Private Atmosphere
-One-on-One Training
-Qualified Personal Trainer
-Train as Often as Needed
-Personal Programs for YOU!

Flat Rates:

$35/per half hour or $60/per hour

Please contact us for other pricing information. Prepaid and training package sessions are available at discount rates!

Nashville Mobile Training


Hello there, I am Davey. I moved to Nashville after college to pursue a career in music and songwriting. I have been fortunate to make a living as a Recording Artist for the last 3 years. However, my passion for physical fitness and instruction is still burning HOT!! I have almost 10 years of experience in middle TN and central KY and 100's of satisfied clients! Music and Fitness go hand and hand!  Therefore, my new record label Progressive Records will be partnering with Nashville Mobile Personal Training to bring you the best in music and physical fitness instruction! We offer online personal training and one-on-one personal training services are available to Nashville locals. We look forward to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals! It's time for recording artists to step up and promote health and fitness! Nashville Mobile Personal Training is very passionate about educating the public! Help us use the Music City platform to bring health and wellness awareness to the world!

Do you want to lose weight?
Need a specialized work-out program designed for you?
Need a diet designed for you and your special needs?
Maybe just some motivation to workout?
Don't have a gym membership but want to work with a trainer?
Uncomfortable working out in the gym atmosphere?
Want a trainer to come to your home or place of business?
Need a quick workout on your lunch break but not enough time to drive to the gym and back?

We have the right trainers for the job! Let us help you with your workout program!

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